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belter · 2022-10-08 · Original thread
For the professional programmer, knowing other languages and getting into C, besides the two great recommendations above, would recommend:

"C Programming: A Modern Approach, 2nd Edition" -

Note the above book is good for its quality as a reference, but not enterily considered as "modern". For a more updated approach I would also recommend:

"Modern C" -


"Effective C" -

The first book on the language:

"C Programming Language, 2nd Edition" -

Is interesting from a historical perspective, but considered as not a recommended resource for learning C.

Edit: If you are learning C there is something quite important you need to know... C and C++ are two completely different languages, and that is how you should approach your learning. In other words, don't go learning the C in C++ :-)

chucksmash · 2020-03-08 · Original thread
I liked "C Programming: A Modern Approach"[1]. It has been several years but as I recall it was well suited for self study and was pretty explicit in calling out places it was talking about C99 as opposed to C89.


monaghanboy · 2018-01-21 · Original thread
I would recommend There's specifically a section on organizing large projects IIRC.
wsc981 · 2014-09-23 · Original thread
I'd say you just get the book "C Programming: A Modern Approach" by K.N. King. At the end of every chapter there are some exercises & challenges.

It's an excellent book (see the ratings on Amazon) and also fun to read through.

C should be much easier to learn than C++. The language is much more basic feature-wise and the standard C library is very small indeed.


wsc981 · 2014-08-04 · Original thread
Perhaps, if you're interested in learning to write well-written C code, you might be interested in the book "C Programming: A Modern Approach"[0] by King. Coding style is an important topic in his book.


trippplezz · 2012-11-16 · Original thread
I would recommend "C: A Modern Approach", 2nd ed by King (

It's a hefty tome but that's not necessarily bad if you want to (re-)learn the language and the tricks in a proper way. Easily in my personal Top 5 books for C (The others are in no particular order: "Pointers on C", "Expert C Programming: Deep C Secrets", "The Standard C Library", "C Interfaces and Implementations".)

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