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bluedino · 2016-02-01 · Original thread
>> C isn't just hard for beginners because of the language but the rest of the tool-chain.

I can agree with this, if not moreso the fact that you also have to learn the underlying system when you learn C.

For example, I 'learned' C from Greg Perry's "C Programming in 12 Easy Lessons". I was 11 or 12 years old at the time, had played around with a few other languages, but I knew C was the language video games were written in, so I wanted to learn C.

Part of the reason I wanted to buy that book was because it came with a compiler, Borland C++ 1.0. The book was also only $29.99 and was at a store in town. You'd be learning how to use functions like fscanf() but they never covered the details of 'when things go wrong'. You're missing some bytes, your file is incorrect, DOS does this while UNIX does that... You learn just enough to get you in trouble.

Sure, one book can't teach you everything, but it wasn't quite enough to give you a real good understanding of how C worked.

I eventually bought a game programming book and started to learn all the 'hard' stuff that I didn't even dream about when I first started. x86 interrupts, accessing joysticks and sound cards, writing to video memory...

All of this can be solved to a point by dumbing it down and using libraries. You still have to make sure you've got things like pointers down, though. You don't quite have to worry about that stuff with say, QuickBASIC or Turbo Pascal.

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