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::Somewhat tangential anecdote and plea for advice::

I just finished my third semester of using C++ (with Data structures 1) and we use NO modern stuff in class [1]. Raw pointers. New and delete. No Lambdas (although we learned about function pointers, though not function objects). I completely understand why (we're learning low level stuff and it's worked for the last 30 years so whatever), but now I'm trying to ramp up and learn modern C++ for a personal project I'd like to start working on (basically an audio plugin using JUCE).

Here's what I've been doing to try and catch up (I have two weeks off before my internship starts). I try to watch Bjarne and Herb's keynotes but they often are speaking to an audience already familiar to modern C++, so this posts video is great! I've discovered the brilliance of Sean Parent, so I'm watching all of his talks. I've ordered Scott Meyers Effective Modern C++ (and hopefully he uses the money for a new haircut /s). I've browsed through the C++ Core Guidelines [2]. I'm reading the JUCE tutorials (and source code) which is beautifully written.

What are other good resources? I'm particularly interested in developing GUI's. I'd like to see some tutorials written like Herbs talk here: for people new to C++ and new to modern C++.

[1] This is our textbook:


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