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kgwgk · 2024-03-29 · Original thread
> it looks like even jai alai is corrupted by gambling

You may be joking but for those who are not aware betting has been prominent in jai alai since the thirties.

CS Professor Steven Skiena has a book about it:

Related slides here:

Excerpts from the book:

jslove · 2020-01-20 · Original thread
Nice little book about betting, risk, math and computer programming.

jgrahamc · 2012-05-10 · Original thread
Also interesting is the book "Calculated Bets: Computers, Gambling, and Mathematical Modeling to Win" which talks about one man's quest to beat the odds at Jai alai ( by modeling the game and the players. It's a fun, humorous and technical book.

heyitsnick · 2010-04-25 · Original thread
To offer a balance, there's some negative feedback on amazon UK:

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