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diego_moita · 2017-07-22 · Original thread
As long as textbooks in North America keep being so ridiculously expensive[0] I wont take "pirate" as a valid moral argument.


tokenadult · 2009-06-14 · Original thread
"A textbook author in Toronto made enough money from his calculus textbook to afford a $20 million house."

I know that calculus textbook.

It's workmanlike, but certainly not inspiring like Spivak's textbook.

stavrianos · 2009-04-20 · Original thread
Of the math textbooks I've used, two've been good enough to keep so far:

Linear Algebra:


on the more computer-sciency side, Introduction to Algorithms has a lot of good word-of-mouth. I'm not such a fan, myself, but here it is:

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