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You might be a bit out of date here. Textbooks are absurdly expensive these days relative to computers; Stewart's "Calculus" is $289[0], for example. That's about the right range for a new low end laptop or a used mid-range laptop.


corey · 2010-11-14 · Original thread
I'm working through Calculus by Michael Spivak. If you want a thorough knowledge of calculus(who doesn't?) then I wholeheartedly recommend it. While it's more deep than broad, it will surely help you learn to start thinking more like a mathematician.

nutmeg · 2009-04-08 · Original thread
I looked up the homeowner's calculus book and realized it was the one I used in college:
LPTS · 2008-06-14 · Original thread

I am learning calculus from this book on my own. It's great if you already know a lot of logic.

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