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bfieidhbrjr · 2020-12-28 · Original thread
Well, are you aware that the common model of cancer (genetic) is almost certainly wrong? And that we've wasted 50+ years, and something like an infinite amount of money on it?

bfieidhbrjr · 2020-07-27 · Original thread
With respect, that's the dogma. We don't even teach the respiration and ketone metabolism pieces that Warburg found so interesting. We long ago declared the whole thing genetic when it looks much more likely to be metabolic and mitochondrial.


For an introductory text.

bfieidhbrjr · 2020-03-28 · Original thread
> For example, the whole "fat is bad, carbs are good" meme was never backed up by solid science, it itself was a bad meme.

And yet, here we are. How were the public supposed to figure that out? Public health advice was, and is, pretty clear: eat carbs.

> I can't speak for you, but if I have a heart attack or cancer, I'll still go to the hospital, so it isn't as bad as you're stating.

You just haven't done your research. :-)

barney54 · 2016-03-08 · Original thread
For much more information on this argument about sugar and cancer, see the book Cancer as a Metabolic Disease.

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