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jimkleiber · 2021-11-16 · Original thread
As waprin mentioned above and I expanded on, I think yes, to enable people to take more risk, we provide stronger safety nets for them, which includes educating people and giving them tools. The challenge I see is that the ones who become rich mostly off the risks they take don't seem to want to invest in building those strong safety nets for people, to enable others to take risks that wouldn't be life or death, rich or homeless risks.

In the absence of resources and desire to provide strong safety nets, such as the education and tools you describe above, one way is to just prevent people from doing it.

I agree with you, I'd rather have more freedom to experiment and take risks. I also don't want people to fall to their physical or financial death.

Actually, there's a book that kinda talks about this idea called Care to Dare by a former hostage negotiator named George Kohlrieser. I took his leadership training seminar and he strongly suggested that to encourage people to take risks, we must first build secure bases for them so they feel safe enough to go off and explore knowing they can come back home.

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