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guiambros · 2022-06-21 · Original thread
> ... if they have no interest and you turn around and blame it on men that allegedly discriminate

The very first programmer was a woman, and in the early days of computing history they were over 40% of all programmers [1]. The idea that "they have no interest" is bullshit; talk to women in tech (and the ones who quit) and you'll quickly learn why that is the case [2].

> I reject the analysis that there are systemic issues, there is no evidence at all.

That's the same argument used by folks who deny systemic racism, despite decades of historical context [3]. It's a convenient position, particularly for those in a place of privilege. Of course you're free to believe in whatever you want, but if you don't want to put in the effort and learn from other's perspectives, then you're part of the problem.




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