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ajmurmann · 2017-11-21 · Original thread
There is a great book that translates Boyd's philosophy to business:

I generally love reading about how other fields do what we call Agile. It allows you to set the principles behind the implementations.

smacktoward · 2012-05-10 · Original thread
The best overall study of Boyd and Boydism is Robert Coram's book Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed The Art Of War:

The best general-audiences intro to Boyd-as-philosophy is probably Chet Richards' book Certain to Win:

Wikipedia has some brief descriptions of Boyd's work and thinking in his page on him:

Fast Company magazine did a decent article on Boyd-for-business back in 2002:

Many of Boyd's original writings have been preserved and made available for download here: (Warning, though, these were not written for a general audience and can be quite dense.)

jedc · 2010-09-20 · Original thread
Or the book "Certain to Win" which was written by one of his "disciples" with Boyd's input on how to apply all of Boyd's thoughts (which are far more complex than what the blog post shows) to business situations.

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