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fredrklem · 2018-12-26 · Original thread
It is a pity that so much effort has been put on writing/designing this booklet. Software Architecture is very hard to 'compress' into a booklet this size. And the concepts explained seem all mixed up. Also, I never understood the difference between Software Architect and Solution Architect, I think they are just marketing tags to specify a bit more what you can do as an architect (install/customize a turn-key solution, networking architecture, software development guidance from scratch, etc).

There is so much noise in the space of Software Architecture. And I think is something natural: building software is not architecture, nor engineering, nor mathematics... still it is all that at the same time. It also has strong social, linguistic and design components. Maybe it is just too new a discipline to define it clearly.

Personally I find these resources more convincing than the booklet or the references mentioned inside it:

For the technical/organizational (Dev teams) part

Architecture without Architects:

Clean Architecture:

For the Enterprise Architect part:

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