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pseudolus · 2023-07-14 · Original thread
Chris Miller's "Chip War: The Fight for the World's Most Critical Technology" recounts in much more detail the history of the semiconductor industry, the centrality of microchips to military might, major players (individuals and companies) as well as how fabs ended up in Asia and China's efforts to catch-up. [0].


babl-yc · 2023-05-23 · Original thread
I was interested in seeing the kind of job opportunities this would create. Especially after reading Chip War [1] which goes into the history of the offshoring and globalization of Fab processes.

Here are a few of the openings Broadcom's openings at the Fort Collins, CO site [2]:

- Material handler, Manufacturing operator: 12.25 hour shifts, 3-4 day work weeks, ~$19-25/hr. Night shift in higher demand

- General Mechanical Technician: $20-37/hr, alarm response a big component of role

- ASIC Digital Design Engineer, Fab Quality Engineer, R&D Software Engineer, Cleanroom facilities project manager: $78-150k + equity, BS/MS + related experience requirements

[1] [2]

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