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> Can anyone recommend a single library source (i.e. "monolithic" library/framework) where everything is tested together that provides the YUI elements I've most relied on: - Widget framework (datatable, tabview, charts, calendar etc). - App framework (but also ability to work well outside a single page application mindset). - Combo Loader - Custom event system. - Convenient dom manipulation - Normalised behaviour across wide range of browsers, including handling for both mobile and desktop interactions with the same code base.

Google Closure? I suspect it will continue to evolve/be supported even if things shift quicker than anticipated from today's Angular.js-Directives middleground to Polymer/Web Components.

And whatever Microsoft's building these days on TypeScript. I wouldn't count them out. I expect they'll get about as much traction as Dart. Not yet sure which I'd bet on though. They're both very different from the plain JS suggestions above, or Facebook-style React.js and both used heavily internally on different projects, I think.

An alternative from back in the day, for an "enterprise-supported" framework would perhaps be Sencha's tools. IBM and maybe others, use Dojo. But I'd bet on TypeScript and Closure surviving and evolving more, at this point.

It's just sad that there's still only one, four year old book on Closure. I'm sure the library's evolved since, JS sure has:

But that's kind of the point. Everybody's contributing code that works for them. Consider Netflix's RxJava/RxJS which they took from Microsoft. It's not really integrated in any framework as a pattern, so if you want to use it, you kind of have to abandon or refactor all your other libraries. And all this stems from the relative immaturity of the browser environment to abstract out these widgets. Not to say things will become perfect in the future, but when you've display libraries reimplementing the DOM, something's definitely broken here and could use fixing in the future. Eventually.

jbarham · 2010-10-01 · Original thread
Speaking of JavaScript, O'Reilly's Ebook Deal of the Day for today is the guide to Google's Closure JavaScript suite for $15. See and use the discount code DDSDF. (I am not affiliated w/ O'Reilly.)

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