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mstade · 2019-12-04 · Original thread
These are all truths to heed. I can also recommend the book Cocktail Codex[1] for anyone interested in learning more about making cocktails, it's a very interesting take on the subject.


strictnein · 2019-02-24 · Original thread
Death & Co's second book, "Cocktail Codex" [0], has a somewhat similar approach. The thrust of the book is that there are six root cocktails, and everything else is just a variation on them.

That book, and Death & Co's first book, "Modern Classic Cocktails" [1], are good reads for the person who is a fan of quality cocktails and wants to make something at home that's really good, and frequently better than what you get when you're dining out.

You will likely need to invest in some booze and stuff to be able to fully enjoy them, but just pick a drink a week, buy what you need, and pretty soon you'll have a collection that will allow you to make most of the things in the books.



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