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okaram · 2014-04-17 · Original thread
You may want to look at the book 'Code Reading' ; it's been a while, and I gave away my copy, but it was useful

gtani · 2011-12-24 · Original thread
Hmm, tough question to google but: I was going to blog about but: didn't get around toit. Look at static code analysis and runtime tools (debuggers) there's SO tags for that, python+code-analysis.

Python has a very rich toolset, including inspect module,

Also (this thread)[] mentions ctags, doxygen, tools like that. Reading test suites (and running code coverage) is where a lot of people start with new to them codebases. And python specific emacs and vim plugins, and python-specific IDE's, komodo and pycharm, at the tools they provide for folding code, showing module dependencies/call graphs, stuff like that


My python's a little rusty, but could generate stacktraces, or use an IDE's stepper/debugger to show where you are at some point in execution of django code


Finally [a book](

Maybe try this book? I'm not sure how good it is.
llimllib · 2009-02-17 · Original thread
You need this book, it's excellent: .

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