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bloudermilk · 2019-07-04 · Original thread
I reached a point last year where working on frivolous tech products made me guilty and depressed. As a result I've spent the past several months pivoting my software consulting career to be focused on sustainability. My strategy so far is to:

* Understand the science behind the causes and effects that make up the broad problem of "climate change" * Learn as much as I can about current policies, technologies, strategies, etc * Read well-regarded books on the above topics (e.g. I just finished Koomey's [Cold Cash, Cool Climate][0]) * Observe/follow leaders in the space * Meet people who know and care about protecting our environment * Find solutions where I can contribute my software expertise to the greatest effect

I'm just scratching the surface but there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is a tremendous amount of work being done across major sectors like energy, transportation, building, manufacturing, etc. that is both fulfilling and well-funded.

I'd be delighted to connect with any other HN'ers who want to collaborate or chat. Email in my profile


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