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CamperBob2 · 2017-06-03 · Original thread
Borges: Collected Fictions (

IMO you won't really understand the nature and limitations of fiction until you've read JLB. His work won't change your life, as such, but it will divide it into two parts: the part that took place before you read him, and the part that comes after. You'll always be conscious of that division.

sbilstein · 2015-07-23 · Original thread
Awesome! After reading this story years ago in college I coded something up in php to make a universal image generator as well. I love Borges literature; I really recommend it for anyone who loves math and short stories. Some of his other greats are "Funes, the Memorious" (about a boy with a perfect memory that drives him insane) and "The Lottery of Babylon" (about a town that uses a lottery to coordinate all activities).

You can read all of Borges' short stories in English in one volume:

I really recommend it.

My current bedside reading is: Collected Fictions, by Jorge Luis Borges - (NOT an affinity link, just the link).

He was a genius. His writing is wonderful. As others have said his ideas are well suited to the kinds of folks who frequent HN. The other interesting thing is that never before have I had people approach me about my reading. But sit in a cafe in San Francisco with Borges and suddenly the world and her friend wants to spark up a conversation about my choice of book.

Cannot recommend this highly enough. If you are looking for reading material that takes you away from technology and work and the usual stuff we fill our heads with, explore the universe through the words of Borges. You won't regret it.

andrewvc · 2011-01-08 · Original thread
If you're interested in reading it, you may as well just go for the whole collection of his amazing non-fictions:

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