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walkingolof · 2019-10-28 · Original thread
If you want more context to the story I recommend the following, fascinating book.

branchless · 2016-12-14 · Original thread
Have you read "Commodore: a company on the edge"?

It's not critical of Woz but it does re-seat him as a peripheral figure. I was surprised given the other things I've read. I'm not asserting it as the "truth" but it was a different take.

branchless · 2016-09-20 · Original thread
I'm just reading "Commodore: a company on the edge" and the claims in this vs the received wisdom on Apple are very interesting.

Chuck Peddle didn't have the same opinions about Apple II nor Wozniak. It's a very interesting book.

ps I also have a working commodore amiga 500!

equalarrow · 2015-12-07 · Original thread
If you love Commodore computers, then Brian Bagnall wrote a really good book on the history of Commodore's 8-bit machines.

walterbell · 2014-06-27 · Original thread
A few books on computer / computing / internet history:

1953, Faster Than Thought, B.V. Bowden (British 1940s & 50s)

1984, The Home Computer Wars (Commodore, Atari, Apple)

1985, History of Computing Technology, Michael Williams (Abacus to IBM360)

1985, The Great Telecom Meltdown, Fred Goldstein (USA deregulation)

2001, The Universal History of Computing, Georges Ifrah (Egypt to 1970s)

2002, Electronic Brains (UK, US & Ukraine soon after WWII)

2008, Geeks Bearing Gifts, Ted Nelson (rants & factoids)

2010, Commodore, A Company on the Edge, Brian Bagnall (war stories from 6502 through C64, no Amiga)

2011, The Interface: IBM and the Transformation of Corporate Design, 1945–1976, John Harwood

mrbill · 2013-12-12 · Original thread
"On the Edge: the Spectacular Rise and Fall of Commodore" by Brian Bagnall covers quite a bit of the Amiga development.

However, the rewritten / "second edition", "Commodore: A Company on the Edge" stops with the 8-bit machines, as there were plans to have two volumes - one for the 8-bit systems, and one for the Amiga days:

The second edition, "Commodore: The Amiga Years" has been unfortunately cancelled, but is still listed on Amazon:

How does Maher's book on the Amiga compare to Bagnall's first edition?

LarryMade · 2011-09-30 · Original thread
A good book that has quite a bit of CSG and chuck peddle commentary on the 6502 and commodore more specifically is Commodore: A Company on the Edge It goes into how Chuck was at times doing a roadshow with the 6502 educating and assisting manufacturers on developing applications for the 6502 and related chips.

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