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eggy · 2023-02-14 · Original thread
Ha, yes, Lisp is the strange attractor or gravity well I always flow back into after trying other PLs. Don't get me wrong, I like Zig (to replace my old C ways), SPARK2014 (which has achieved what Rust is evolving towards), and my other loves - J and APL. That is why April was a binary black hole - the joy of Lisp with a REPL, a lot of libraries and legacy, symbolic processing, and the ability to embed diamonds of APL in the parentheses for the mathy parts. I just have plain, old fun when I open up Lisp. Immediate evaluation and hotloading code with a great IDE/editor in emacs/sly. I am learning Xah's Fly keys[1] to bring it all together to satisfy my modal thirst from vim in emacs.

Clojure is a lot of fun too, and opens up a lot of libraries to use. Dragan Rocks[2] has some great libs for ML/DL

Mark Watson is the main culprit for writing his book and having the nerve to publish it: Common LISP Modules: Artificial Intelligence in the Era of Neural Networks and Chaos Theory[3] I had been superficially studying AI then - GAs, ANNS, chaos and complexity - back in the late 80s, and this book introduced me to Lisp. Mark is sometimes on here, so Mark, thank you!




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