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brownbat · 2013-10-12 · Original thread
Footnote, Prof. Kerr literally wrote the book on Computer Crime Law:

Not that you should accept his argument without scrutiny, but he's read a few of the cases here.

slapshot · 2013-01-14 · Original thread
It's also worth noting that he literally wrote the book on the law of computer crime [1], and served as a pro bono (free) defense attorney _against_ the DOJ in the Lori Drew MySpace case [2], and he was extensively critical of the government in that case [3], and he has testified before Congress to say that the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is too broad.[4]

He worked for the DOJ from 1998-2001. If he harbors sympathies for the government, they're pretty well hidden at this point.

[1] [2] [3] [4]

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