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wirrbel · 2015-05-01 · Original thread
What kind of mathematics do you want to learn? If you are interested in discrete mathematics and algebra, Haskell has something to offer. I would also read which is a great introduction (unspecific to code).

If you are more interested in linear algebra or numerics, I would suggest to get to know numpy better.

aesc · 2015-01-17 · Original thread
Conceptual Mathematics is a good introduction to category theory (which is all about objects and morphisms) and especially well suited for self-study:
Thanks for the response. I was interested in the answer to this question as well. I read through the thread [1] that you linked to, and seems like the consensus is the same thing you said: it's best to learn abstract algebra and topology first. Does anyone know of some good sources for those topics? The other threads are understandably focused on category theory.

As for category theory, after reading through that thread [1] and the Reddit thread [2] that it links to, I think Conceptual Mathematics: A First Introduction to Categories [3] will be my first read on category theory (but probably followed by the Rosetta Stone paper). That book receives some strong recommendations as a first book in the Reddit thread [2].




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