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mmastrac · 2010-12-27 · Original thread
This one?

Our university offered an engineering class that used this as the textbook.

pg · 2010-01-17 · Original thread
Actually there is a book version as well:

I loved this series as a kid. It was my favorite TV show. Now that I know more about the history of technology, the connections sometimes seem a bit strained, but even so I know of no better introduction to the topic.

twopoint718 · 2009-05-27 · Original thread
The book (and TV series) "Connections" by James Burke is a very interesting peek into just how interconnected technology is.

The one that amazed me was how the technology of the auto loom lead to the computer (via punch cards). Again, this won't give you insight into the math of things, but it will show you how one innovation lead to another.

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