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kentlyons · 2016-06-09 · Original thread
Ethnographers tend to be rather hands off (/against) directly changing who they're observing. Contextual Inquiry (, is a fairly light weight method and I think would benefit a lot of startups.
wittysense · 2013-05-25 · Original thread
1. [Visual Grammar]( by Christian Leborg

2. [Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things]( by Don Norman

3. [The Elements of Typographic Style]( by Robert Bringhurst

4. [Grid Systems]( by Josef Muller-Brockmann

5. [Ordering Disorder: Grid Principles for Web Design]( by Khoi Vinh

6. [Why Customers Really Buy: Uncovering the Emotional Triggers That Drive Sales]( by Linda Goodman (I've had the pleasure of meeting her and overhearing her office conversation during my daily tasks at the office in Houston, where she worked for a spell. Incredibly sharp, and it is clear that her principles exposed in this book are thorough-going in her interactions with people. I think it would be important to apply her research to Lean methodologies, building Features only around Emotional Triggers. This is what we are aiming at, but I am making this connection right now, I believe, in saying this.)

7. [Contextual Design: Defining Customer-Centered Systems]( by Hugh Beyer, Karen Holtzblatt

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