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"The best way to get into business is to be in business". That's inspirational.

I'd like to add that maybe one doesn't need to be obsessed with inventing something new or fulfilling an unmet need.

Sometimes you can just copy and do better. For ref:

Great book about beginning with 'inspiration':

Innovation is overrated- users don't care about it, they care about delivered value. Half the time the innovators have crappy executions, but are so wedded to their idea that they refuse to simplify, change, and evolve.

That's when cloners come in and beat the living daylights out of them by copying and improving upon their innovation.

There's a fantastic book on this, 'Copycats':

Incredibly well-written for a HBS book, lots of solid case studies, and some interesting research into the nitty gritty numbers behind innovation vs imitation.

jayliew · 2010-10-04 · Original thread
Speaking of fast followers, I've just started reading this book last week titled 'Copycats' by Oded Shenkar - which basically talks about using imitation slash innovation as one of available tools in your repertoire. Read up to chapter 2 but so far I like it and recommend it, on the topic of fast followers.

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