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fortes · 2008-06-27 · Original thread
I too live in NYC, recently transplanted from Seattle. I coughed up the (not insignificant) cash in order to get a gym and make sure to work out every morning as a start to my day. Do at least 30 minutes of cardio at a good clip (most machines give you numbers, so try to burn 400 calories at least). Lift some weights too, because it increases muscle mass, which will increase your metabolism.

If you're really into something prescriptive, I highly recommend this book:

I know the cover looks cheesy, but it's actually really well written and very detailed (it tells you on a daily basis what to do). Workouts are an hour long, six days a week, and they incorporate flexibility and injury prevention exercises, which are quite important.

For diet, here in NYC I stop by Whole Foods or something similar right after the gym and make my own salad. Almost always, it's purely vegetarian. Make sure you get a lot of greens in there, and as many other colors of vegetables as you can.

Dinner is a highly social meal, and I end up messing it up often.

I do miss all of Seattle's outdoors though ...

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