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billswift · 2009-08-21 · Original thread
Tyler Cowen's new book is about managing information; he suggests looking at how autistics manage the mass of details they tend to collect for pointers at how neurotypicals can do better. The book's thesis is more complex than this, but I think he was a bit sloppy at developing it.

EDIT: He also wrote a similar webbed article This was discussed on HN some time ago; I was going to include a link to the discussion but the WebMynd search was taking way too long.

ChaitanyaSai · 2009-07-15 · Original thread
Those interested in the concept of neurodiversity might want to check out Create Your Own Economy ( The title is slightly misleading in that that book is more about the autism spectrum, neurodiversity, and a bit about how it might impact the way business are run and how they define their audience (I am guessing the last part will be of special interest to this community).

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