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e15ctr0n · 2016-01-13 · Original thread
What is sold under the name of Indian curry in the UK does not even remotely resemble what is cooked in Indian homes.

Indian-born cookbook writer Madhur Jaffrey[1] has been railing against the poor standards of Indian food in the UK since the 1950s when she was a student in London.[2] In 2010, she wrote a cookbook called Easy Curry about which one reviewer wrote, "If you have the local curry house menu by your phone, consider replacing it with a copy of this book."[3]

A year earlier, she had teamed up with Aasif Mandvi[4] to bring out the movie Today's Special[5] that portrays Mandvi as a French sous chef who has to take over his father's struggling Indian restaurant in Queens, New York.[6] Mandvi's character has to deal with all the factors against the family tandoori joint: the unhygienic prep, the unhealthy pool of oil in which the dishes are served, the cheap decor, the declining customer base, etc.

So yeah, the young blood is getting the message.

(American television viewers may remember Mandvi from his stint as correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.[7])


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