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wallflower · 2018-05-14 · Original thread
Daemon by Daniel Suarez is about connected nodes (including automated cars) being taken over by a rogue program.

joering2 · 2017-10-28 · Original thread
For a moment you got me excited thinking that such a thing actually exists, givens today's technology wouldn't be actually rocket science, until I realized its a book :)

Closer to Daniel Suarez, Daemon & Freedom.

This fiction starts the autonomous corporation from a vide game. The second book shows society's evolution to cope with the new corporation.

1) 2) Industrial augmented reality is a real thing that is really happening 3) Data-driven economics

It's my dream that some day we can know enough about how energy and goods move throughout society that everybody is more-or-less able to do what they want with their lives, and we use information technology to simply arrange them in groups such that civilization results.

sgrove · 2014-05-07 · Original thread
There was a similar idea in the book, Daemon. Seems more feasible now with CV/ubiquitous sensors.

timk_ · 2012-06-28 · Original thread
For that topic I suggest the book "Daemon" [1] written by Daniel Suarez!


Volscio · 2010-09-19 · Original thread
The Daemon is working in the background, preparing for its activation.

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