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nwj · 2018-11-03 · Original thread
If you read this article and found yourself wishing there was more detail about the writing routine of each author, then you might like "Daily Rituals: How Artists Work" [1]. It's a really great small book that goes in detail through the daily routines of many authors and artists.


afro88 · 2015-06-08 · Original thread
Well, no. I've been reading this book about the daily schedules of the greats [1] and there are many artists who had very active social lives while in their prime. Some more so than others - Francis Bacon would wake at 7am and work hard until lunchtime, when he'd share a bottle of wine with a friend in his studio and then drink, eat and party until the middle of the next morning, getting to bed at 3am. Rinse and repeat.


swah · 2014-07-08 · Original thread
There's a whole book about this and its boring as fuck:

Everyone in the book sleeps, eats, drinks wine, and finally works for a couple hours when they can be alone. Later a little bit of opium.

cl42 · 2014-07-06 · Original thread
To add to this, there's a great book on the topic regarding the daily rituals of artists:

It leads to the same conclusion -- 4 hours of work is about the maximum for any creative or intellectually rigorous field of work.

apu · 2013-12-29 · Original thread
The book Daily Rituals, from which most of these seem to be excerpted, is a great read into the daily routines of lots of "creative" people of all stripes -- writers, artists, scientists, etc.

lazyant · 2013-10-28 · Original thread
yes, see Daily Rituals: How Artists Work

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