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phkahler · 2015-11-20 · Original thread
This kept reminding me of "Daring Greatly"

This book addresses a lot of these issues in broader sense, so it applies to all areas of life.

acoravos · 2015-04-08 · Original thread
OP -- thank you for having the courage to put your story out here. You've sparked an important conversation, and it's clearly resonated with so many people. There's a lot of advice here. Some conflicting. I trust you'll continue to build your mental filter and sort through the good and the bad.

Two favorite piece I like to re-read when I have these moments.

+ The Secret to Success (this one is my all time favorite):

+ Daring Greatly by Brene Brown (

I can already see that you have so many of the skills described in Brene Brown's book. Keep fighting the good fight.

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