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hudibras · 2016-02-09 · Original thread
Gelman's own book (with Jennifer Hill) also has some good, practical techniques on causal inference. [0]

Morgan and Winship's Counterfactuals and Causal Inference: Methods and Principles for Social Research [1] is also really good. Be sure to get the second edition; it's much better than the first.



jasonpbecker · 2013-11-04 · Original thread
There are great tools that interface R with BUGS that may be worth checking out.

I would highly recommend getting this for the shelf:

It's one of the most readable books on data analysis I've come across and does a great job presenting both frequentist and Bayesian techniques with tons of R sample code.

There are a lot of advantages and nice things in Python, but I do think folks tend to toss out R a bit too casually. Each tool has areas they excel in. I don't even do particularly complex analysis, but have run into areas where Python is woefully lacking in fairly common (social science) models.

chimeracoder · 2011-12-22 · Original thread
I second CLRS - I just finished an algorithms course taught from that book, and I can't imagine a single textbook being more comprehensive.

I'm surprise nobody's mentioned Knuth, though maybe that goes without saying?

As for probability and statistics, I haven't really found anything (at an advanced) level that I've been happy with. Maybe it's because my background is in statistics, so it's a perception bias (I see the flaws more easily than with other subjects), but I think that most statistics textbooks are pretty rotten.

There are really only two that I'd recommend, and only one at a high level. Gelman & Hill is a great introduction to computational statistics at a high level, while still very readable (and enjoyable!)

Other than that, the only truly stellar statistics textbook I've ever seen was the one I used in my intro class in high school. It's sad, but it's a very true comment about the current state of most statistics textbooks (that I can find).

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