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rodh257 · 2013-01-02 · Original thread
For reference have a look at the % price difference for other book sellers, like O'Reilly:

I'd be selling it for $24 for Ebook (and make it available in PDF/Epub/Mobi to cover all readers), $29 for print, $32 for Print + Ebook.

topherjaynes · 2011-12-31 · Original thread
Looking for the same thing, came across these big data bibliographies/howto which have been helpful:

Also stats in a nutshell is a good reference:

Lastly, little bit of discussion going on over at stackoverflow:

rachelj · 2010-11-16 · Original thread
The table of contents is now available on the book's catalog page (, and you can view the table of contents and preview snippets of the content on Safari (

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