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sathomasga · 2017-08-14 · Original thread
Seems like writing is too individual a task for general recommendations, but, fwiw, I wrote my latest book [Data Visualization with JavaScript]( natively in Markdown. No need for a special app or service. [Pandoc]( was able to covert it to `.docx`, which was my publisher's preferred format, and also to interactive HTML so that I could publish the full book on my web site []( My favorite Markdown app at the moment is [Typora](
sathomasga · 2015-03-31 · Original thread
Since there was a bit of interest when someone posted a link to the in-progress version, I thought I'd note that the book is now officially released. Also on [Amazon]( and [Barnes & Noble]( if those are your preferences
sathomasga · 2014-10-19 · Original thread
Hi Folks, Although I did not post this link to HN (and have no idea who did), I am the author of the book. As an FYI, the printed and ebook versions will be available from No Starch Press early in 2015. The online version will remain online even after the other versions are available.

Amazon preorder at (that's NOT an affiliate link)

The current content is just a draft of the final version, but I'll be updating it as the book gets finalized. Significant updates will be noted via the @jsdatavis Twitter feed.

Comments, suggestions, and criticism are all welcome. You can reach me directly at

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