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zer00eyz · 2019-01-02 · Original thread
> DBs I've shunned most of my career.

Database Design for Mere Mortals:

This is the book I recommend to everyone who is shy about DB's - I have owned several copies and given every one away. It breaks down not only functionality but how to create a good design in a sensible and easy to understand way. Worth every penny (and now somewhat cheap)

Two of the best resources I've ever seen/read:

Database Design for Mere Mortals - (not an affiliate link)

Legend of the Drunken Query Master -

edw519 · 2008-07-16 · Original thread
I hear ya, notdarkyet. A post about the price of oil in Yemen will get 200 comments but a post about database design practices will get 5 comments on hacker news. Go figure.

There are millions of references on the subject, but perhaps you could start with a good intro, one of my favorites:

Hope that helps.

And keep on posting. Sooner or later the crowd oughta pick up on it a get your ball rolling.

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