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metadat · 2024-02-07 · Original thread
Life's tough when you voluntarily place yourself in the role of the victim and give away all your power.

That phrasing, "wouldn't let me complete this", is a self-defeating way to talk to yourself.

Switching it up a bit can make a significant difference, for example: "That first try was a struggle, it might take some practice for me to improve".


In case you or other HN friends are curious and find this technique intriguing, it stems from the philosophy suggesting healthy thinking can reduce distress and promote well-being. The field of study is called Cognitive (or Dialectical) Behavioral Therapy, aka CBT / DBT. Millions of people have found it an effective framework and strategy to permanently improve the way we speak to ourselves and relate to the world.

Here's the book I liked most (but there is an ocean of them):

DBT Skills Training Manual by Marsha Linehan

While you're alive, you might as well live your best life.

Sincerely, your buddy Metadat

p.s. sorry for the medium-length text wall, I didn't realize this would take be more than a sentence, but after initially posting only the first sentence, it was downvoted and it was apparent some explanation would be more helpful.

allhailkatt · 2018-02-02 · Original thread
Try working through the DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) handbook. It's designed to build skills to lessen the impact of anxiety, depression, and other chronic mental illnesses, and draws a lot from Stoicism.

Particularly, there are exercises meant to help you find your values, then figure out how to do more things you find valuable in your life.


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