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gregors · 2022-11-17 · Original thread
All of this reminds me of the software Death March book

Where is the financial payoff? Is there a real possibility of a life changing exit? You need to actually believe in leadership's vision. Is the effort worth it? Do they even have a workable plan or are they just doing random things?

mcphage · 2018-05-10 · Original thread
Do you mean this one? ? Or do you mean a different book?
crpatino · 2015-09-17 · Original thread
> software engineering negotiations aren't adversarial

There's a certain book you should go and read... I think the fact that it does exist is proof itself of how adversarial relationships can get in Software Engineering:

Metaphorically speaking, the only way a negotiation does not end up in a fight is when one side sucker-punches the other.

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