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Your approach is what they were downvoting.

Using the words, 'cowardly' to describe other people you don't know, and saying 'I'm better than you', to people you don't know, and saying 'my grandmother could write better markup', to a group of people you don't know, probably just made them classify you as a 'troll'.

I saw the markup, and saw they needed guidance (, you saw the markup and decided they weren't worth helping. That's sad really. No one is an expert in everything.

Try helping out, rather than lambasting.

I was just reading a great book entitled 'Debugging Teams - Better Productivity Through Collaboration' ( Here's a great excerpt:

"In order to reach collaborative nirvana, you first need to learn and embrace what we call the “three pillars” of social skills. These three principles aren’t just about greasing the wheels of relationships; they’re the foundation on which all healthy interaction and collaboration are based.


You are not the center of the universe. You’re neither omniscient nor infallible. You’re open to self-improvement.


You genuinely care about others you work with. You treat them as human beings, and appreciate their abilities and accomplishments.


You believe others are competent and will do the right thing, and you’re OK with letting them drive when appropriate."

Think about those three things.

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