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andyjohnson0 · 2017-11-15 · Original thread
You're right, it is August 2017. I bought it from Amazon UK and they list the date as November 2015 [1] for some reason. I should have checked the book before posting. I've flagged the error with Amazon UK.


agibsonccc · 2017-10-05 · Original thread
Disclaimer: I wrote this deep learning book. My book covers quite a bit of this:

It's the least mathy book you'll find and doesn't really assume any math knowledge. Much of it is more focused on production.

goldenkey · 2016-08-18 · Original thread
Warning: if you click the above link you will be cookied with an affiliate tracker, zippylab-20. Even if you buy other products, they will be notified of the exact items purchased and will receive a percentage of your purchases for up to the next 24 hours.

The amazon affiliate panel shows an item by item breakdown of any purchases made by cookied users, goodbye private purchases.

Here is a non tracked link:

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