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kerkeslager · 2019-02-11 · Original thread
> From my perspective, React is the thing with the problem: it doesn't have great state management for complex tasks / multi-component coordination. What I want to use is something like RxJS to manage such interactions and state, because it gives me a lot of power/control in a relatively easy way. One of the best options out there that I've seen is redux-observable, and thus Redux itself is just the "stuff inside the oreo" gluing React to all my interesting "epics" describing high level functionality in the applications.

The observer pattern is mentioned in the Gang of Four Book[1], published in 1994. JavaScript first appeared in 1995. Observers predate Redux. You don't need Redux to use observers, and in fact there's nothing about React that is incompatible with RxJS.

> It's also the Unix philosophy thing of use tools that "do one thing well" and then chain them together. React does view components rather well, Redux does state management rather well, Redux-Observable does state "interaction" rather well. Chained together they work remarkably well.

Don't sully UNIX philosophy by comparing it to Redux! UNIX is such a different environment from JS space that it's hard to really even compare the two, but at the very least I think we can agree that "Doing one thing well" in UNIX means not creating a bunch of new problems that you need other tools to solve.


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