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peterst28 · 2021-05-19 · Original thread
There's plenty you can do, but you have to figure out what appeals to you, the tradeoffs, path, etc. I found that the book "Designing your life" really helped me. It encourages talking to people who are already in different fields / roles that interest you. When I did this, sometimes I found myself saying, "yes that sounds amazing." Other times I found myself saying, "ugh that's not what I thought it was at all." Eventually I decided that the best move for me was to sales engineering. It's engineering-adjacent so I can make use of my years of experience, but it's people-oriented and has tons of variety. You'll probably have a different final answer, but I highly recommend the techniques in the book. You may even find yourself a job you're excited about through the process of talking to people about what they do.
jwilliams · 2017-08-29 · Original thread
I found this book really helpful:

Uses Design Thinking to help get a better idea of what you want to do.

One thing I took away is that these decisions are rarely a fork/black-white. There are lots of things you can explore these spaces. Find the smallest possible exploration, take a look and see if you get excited. Could be as simple as doing a course, talking to people in the field, etc. Build from there.

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