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mpfefferle · 2008-04-16 · Original thread
This is the book I learned Symbian/C++ on:

It's a bit out of date and it focuses on Nokia's application framework (Series 60). It should be enough to get you writing basic applications though. If you're going to stick with Symbian, don't worry about C or STL. They don't use them.

I assume you're going to be using the more recent Symbian 9. Unfortunately, I don't have any books to recommend for this version. You'll need to rely on the Nokia/Symbian docs for Symbian 9 specific features like Platform Security.

Since you're new to C++, I'd recommend following Symbian's naming conventions religiously. They were very helpful when I was a C++ noob just starting out.

I haven't worked on Symbian in about a year, but if you have any questions, drop me a line (email's in the profile). I'll see what I can do.

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