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kingcharles · 2021-10-08 · Original thread
This is the book I learned from in the 90s:

It's basically "Writing an Operating System from Scratch for Dummies".

I actually wrote my own graphical x86 OS starting from the code in there.

Back in the 90s they used to do these quite often. I remember reading one for the same reasons, self taught network engineer and programmer and wanted to get under the hood. I say do it and bring the concept upto date.

Here's an example

There is an old(er) book called "Developing Your Own 32-Bit Operating System" that does a good job (assuming you're targeting the x86 platform) of laying the foundation and explaining the typical layers of code you'll need to write to build an O/S from scratch (as opposed to just a new Linux distro, etc.).

It's a bit dated, but so is the x86 platform :) I think most of it is relevant, especially someone asking these sorts of questions about OS development.

Here's a link to the book on Amazon:

If you get somewhere be sure to update us on your progress!

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