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cowuser666 · 2022-10-14 · Original thread
Seems like people are criticizing this partially because it's pitched as an alternative to normal tourism. Just wanted to point out that Chris Arnade has done quite compelling photo journalism based on his way of engaging with communities, so what might seem like non sequitors or edge lord stuff might be in service of an implicit goal of his that most travelers don't share. Not that he does himself any favors with some of the framing.

Highly recommend his book Dignity.

Some of his work in the Guardian:

BurningFrog · 2021-08-24 · Original thread
> I want to know why these folks won't LEAVE shitty redneck states and head to places with more opportunity.

I know of two reasons.

1. The "blue states" have, quite deliberately, stopped building housing. This closes a traditional way out of rural poverty, and I think/speculate it's a major driver behind the opioid crisis.

2. The book "Dignity" by Chris Arnade documents the life of dirt poor America. I strongly recommend it. It talks a lot about how many people belong somewhere, and won't move because of that.

BurningFrog · 2019-11-26 · Original thread
Those are definitely skills many at the bottom lack. They weren't part of my basic education, but I'm sure we went to different schools.

Regardless, people without those skills exist. Us HN people never meet them, and have a hard time imagining their lives, but they're still out there.

I completely agree that our educational system is fucked and needs to be fixed. I don't see how that would help the people who already went through the fucked up version, even if it ever got fixed, which I think we can agree isn't likely the next decade at least?

To learn about how the "permanent underclass" lives, You could do worse than reading "Dignity":

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