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brudgers · 2014-12-17 · Original thread
This interpretation of the panopticon and it's effect on behavior is based on Foucault's Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison. The paperback is reasonably priced. The cost, however, is a trip down the rabbit hole of postmodernism.

dmix · 2013-12-10 · Original thread
I wish people would move beyond 1984 and quote more Foucault's Discipline & Punishment [1]. There is a much deeper-rooted problem in society than mass surveillance or militarization of police. It's the question of why we all let this happen without any resistance. We accept and welcome our controllers. Foucault wrote about the effects of prisoner mindset in society in the 1960-70s. Our subjugation and tolerance to authoritarianism is very widespread and not limited to just police.

We're not just afraid to be anti-authoritative, we're institutionalized since our birth in schools and the concept of control is in embedded in every aspect of life (such as in language found in politics, school work, or newspapers).

Mass-surveillance is just a more direct implementation of "panopticon" [2] applied to everyday life, existing at all times. Having committed a crime is no longer the requirement to be imprisoned, whether physically or mentally.

austinl · 2013-11-20 · Original thread
On a similar topic, I would highly recommend the book The Birth of the Prison by Michel Foucault.

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