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koverda · 2019-07-24 · Original thread

Give this a read. Literally a step by step to get a successful company off the ground.

vsolanki19 · 2019-05-23 · Original thread
Thanks dude. Link didn't work but I'm adding it here:
ljw1001 · 2017-04-02 · Original thread
I would second this advice. To be a little more concrete:

What aspects of your specialty are the most expensive, the most time-consuming, the most error-prone, and/or the most dangerous?

Alternately, you can look at the delivery systems for improvement. Are there people who lack access to professionals with the needed skills, equipment, or supplies? Or who can't access them when they are needed.

I would strongly recommend you take a look at this book if you haven't already:

The book is quite awesome and there are two EdX courses that go with it that I'd also recommend: They are called Entrepreneurship 101 and 102. See:

Finally, there other online courses (Coursera or EdX) that specifically cover new product development in the Medical Device space.

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