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shoo · 2014-05-19 · Original thread
There's a rather interesting perspective that touches some of these issues (and covers many more) in the following book:
k1m · 2013-10-26 · Original thread
There is a great book on this topic by Jeff Schmidt called Disciplined Minds:

Here's a review:

gammarator · 2013-06-16 · Original thread
Earning a PhD certainly requires independent thought and action, but those are directed towards goals imposed by someone else, typically an adviser or one's committee, and the typical grad student rarely questions those goals.

This capacity for creative work in pursuit of others' ends is exactly why Rachel says PhDs are such valuable minions.

The book "Disciplined Minds" [1] makes this point in a radical way. I didn't agree with everything it said, but its point is that higher education selects for people willing to jump through arbitrary hoops for nebulous returns, and that that conformism is valuable to employers.


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