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acbart · 2020-11-10 · Original thread
When it comes to training humans and animals, positive punishment is far less effective than most other training techniques like positive reinforcement. Don't Shoot the Dog[1]!


rogeryu · 2015-08-07 · Original thread
But Don't Shoot the Dog! ;-)

This is actually a very fun read about conditioning - no matter if you have a cat or dog. I've read it quite a while ago, and I remember that conditioning cats is not that difficult, as long as you stick to positive rewards. Punishment doesn't work.

For those who think this will be abused for manupilating people - that's what we do all day no matter if we read this book or not. It's just the way you do it, and that probably won't change by reading this book. It will teach you a lot about your own behavior.

astrofinch · 2012-04-24 · Original thread
I found this book unusually good for a popular nonfiction book, in the sense that it actually had a decent insights/page count ratio:

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