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cageface · 2017-07-28 · Original thread
Avoiding processed foods, both animal and plant, is a good idea.

But the links between diabetes and animal products are pretty well established:

You might want to have a look at this book too:

mchmch · 2016-04-25 · Original thread
Type 2 Diabetes can 100% be "cured" by a low fat vegan diet. Sorry you don't need a pill, you need to wake up and face the fact that you are poising yourself with your high fat diet.

FAT causes diabetes (and high blood pressure and heart disease) NOT Sugar. Dietary fat clogs up your bloodstream preventing insulin from effectively doing it's job.

datiecher · 2015-12-03 · Original thread
I would suggest she tries the program created by Dr. Neil Barnard in this case as he actually uses a low fat high carb diet in order to reverse diabetes. Both my father and father-in-law got rid of the medications (my inlaw even had to take insulin before the program) and have overall improved their health, lost weight and are feeling much more energetic. My father was able to be out of his medications after two months and my father-in-law in 4 months.

Here's the Amazon link for book about the program and you can also read the reviews of many people who have successfully changed their for the better as well:

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