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jzl · 2018-06-10 · Original thread
There are several good books about c++11 and c++14, though I'm not sure about 17.

"Effective Modern C++: 42 Specific Ways to Improve Your Use of C++11 and C++14"

"Discovering Modern C++: An Intensive Course for Scientists, Engineers, and Programmers (C++ In-Depth Series)"

winter_blue · 2018-04-11 · Original thread
I strongly prefer text over video[1], and the best book on modern C++ is "Effective Modern C++" by Scott Meyers:

[1] I wish people invested more time/effort in writing good textbooks instead of videos/MOOCs.

lj3 · 2017-02-06 · Original thread
I think you mean "Effective Modern C++". The two you mention predate C++11.

tjr · 2014-12-23 · Original thread
I've not read it, but the author's other books have been well-regarded for years:

gbersac · 2014-12-15 · Original thread
What are the reference of the books you are talking about ? Is it this two ones :

Note that they are both quite expensive. I am a student and it is not nothing to pay for this books.

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