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lowglow · 2014-01-19 · Original thread
This wasn't too bad of a read:

But, if you're not talking discrete components and just want something to act as more of a controller, these boards are pretty friendly: (slightly more advanced embedded controller) (pretty basic and awesome community) (never played with one, but another popular option)


You might want to come out to a SFHN event (

and Hackendo (

sobering · 2013-04-21 · Original thread
Does anyone have any suggestions for books/learning materials related to the pre requisites mentioned in the article, specifically Microprocessor programming? I've tried to find some in the past but having no prior EE experience I find even some of the basics challenging.

I have experience with C, but don't really know where to start with the lower level stuff.

I'm thinking I should start with a simple book like Electrical Engineering 101 ( Once I have a grasp on some EE basics I might be able to step into the Microprocessor programming a bit better, knowing a bit of what's happening behind the scenes.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

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